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VAG has a wealth of knowledge of all aspects of safety assessment and risk management on offshore oil and gas developments and across all phases of the development lifecycle, up to and including decommissioning and abandonment.

The following project involvement outlines VAG’s Safety and Risk Management Experience:
Upstream Developments - delivered all HAZIDs and safety studies in the original FEED phase, developed Safety In Design strategy, devised risk-based decision-making processes for enterprise-level decisioneering for massive upstream development;
Onshore / Offshore Developments - numerous HAZID and risk assessment studies for oil and gas plants, hazardous plants e.g. nickel processing with severe H2S hazard, safety studies & HAZID for wellhead platforms, pipelines, onshore gas plants, construction and installation phase, regulatory compliance documentation;
Subsea Pipelines - numerous Australian Pipeline Licence and Consents applications support and Pipeline Management Plan preparation for construction and operations phases; pipeline risk assessments to AS2885/HB105, HIPPS studies, SSIV studies, dropped object studies, pipeline over pressurisation risk study, etc;
Subsea Developments - Drilling SIMOPS layout optimisation study, dropped object analyses, SCSSV risk assessment, subsea well anomaly HAZID, risk assessment and recovery plan, geotechnical risk assessment;
Floating Production - numerous concept safety evaluations of conventional and unconventional FPSO designs, Spars, Semi and TLP design options, environmental leak frequency studies of oil spill risk from subsea pipelines, numerous FSAs and Safety Case updates, supporting safety studies, risk reduction and ALARP workshops, Major Accident Hazard summaries, Safety Critical Elements and Performance Standards development, project decisioneering (internal vs external turret, disconnectable vs fixed turret, riser SSIV provision, etc.);
Drilling & Well Engineering - delivered/managed FSA and/or Safety Case delivery for around half of the UKCS MODU fleet including semis, jackups and drillships, drilling and well completion HAZIDs and risk assessments, rig risk reviews, Drilling SIMOPS risk assessments and SIMOPS plan development, Bridging Documents, Safety Case Impact Statements, Safety Case updates, well intervention HAZIDs, drilling QRAs, well test risk assessments, incident investigation of serious BOP failure, FMEA studies of drilling equipment;
Rescue & Recovery - escape, evacuation, rescue & recovery studies for numerous offshore fixed & floating installations in northern and southern hemispheres; risk assessment of submarine underwater evacuation and rescue and recovery;
New Technology - HAZID and risk assessment of novel well completion technologies, long-reach underbalanced drilling with floated casing, well heating with High Voltage induction tube; surface BOP design HAZID and risk assessment;
Offshore Safety Guidelines - preparation of Safety Case and HSE Management System guidance for multiple Japanese Clients’ through Safety and Environment Centre (SEC); drafted new Australian offshore safety case guidelines (pending).

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